Annual Kick off & Cycle Meetings: Concept & theme development, branding and visual architecture, agenda and building blocks, guidance on topics and aligned messaging, presentation coaching and formatting, overall moderation and MC facilitation, post-event internal communication and momentum.

Marketing Strategy Meetings (RMMs): Global direction and brand focus, adaptation of strategy to regional market and the unique therapeutical area , stakeholder engagement tactics, marketing toolkit and application, best practice sharing, performance tracking and health checks.

Expert Panel Meetings: KOL Involvement and engagement, knowledge exchange and insights, providing expert opinions and best practices, synthesizing implications and recommendations in a comprehensive Panel report.

Focus Group Moderation: Various stakeholder segments (patients, HCPs, distributors, payers), identifying expectations and challenges, validating and updating perceptions and turning them into tangible actions to accelerate engagement and trust.

Employee Town Halls: Updating all employees on significant global and regional developments, providing clarity on important business milestones, interactive exchange on various hot topics and current/new projects, visibility of all leadership team members, company wide engagement and buy-in.